The Governments of the Republic of Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo signed the Bilateral Agreement to implement and operationalize the Chalwe-Kabila One Stop Border Post (OSBP), under development by GED Africa Ltd. as a part of the Kasomeno-Mwenda Toll Road Project (KMTR).


Lusaka, Zambia, November 17, 2023. The OSBP agreement (OSBPA) was signed by the DRC’s Minister of Infrastructure and Public Works, His Excellency, Alexis Gizaro Muvuni as well as Zambia’s Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Hon. Chipoka Mulenga.

Muvuni opened with gratitude towards the various organisations involved, “I can’t go on without extending my warmest thanks to the technical structures of the two countries that have made it possible for the Heads of State to achieve this goal, namely Agence Congolese des Grand Travaux (ACGT), Road Development Agency of Zambia (RDA), and the concessionaire, GED Africa”.

With the OSBPA in place, the joint steering committees can move forward in developing the operations manual, complete with detailed policies and procedures for implementation. The establishment and operationalization of the border post will bring about expeditious and standardized border controls that will reduce trade stops, transport costs, and transit times.

Hon. Chipoka Mulenga added, “we are here today as a demonstration of this government’s determination to use commerce and trade to stimulate economic growth for improved livelihoods for all our people”.

This project brings immediate, medium- and long-term job opportunities through the works already underway, 3 years of major construction and 22 years of operation and maintenance of the road and one stop border post facilities.

“In tandem with the monumental Bilateral Agreement, the successful finalisation of both the Zambian and DRC Private Policing Services Agreements underscores our dedication to upholding traffic laws and ensuring safety and security along the entire expanse of the project’s footprint.  This milestone further demonstrates all stakeholder’s commitment to unlocking the regional potential,” added Klaus Findt, CEO of GED Africa.

In the pursuit of international integration, the governments have aligned this agreement with international frameworks such as the World Trade Organization Facilitation Agreement, Southern African Development Community Treaty, and the African Union Free Movement of Persons Policy, demonstrating a commitment to harmonizing regional policies.

About GED Africa Ltd

GED Africa Limited (“GED Africa”) is the investment and project management company of the Kasomeno-Mwenda Toll Road Project (“Project”), which is a ground breaking infrastructure project combining two 25-year Public-Private Partnership concessions between the subsidiaries of GED Africa Ltd and the governments of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Zambia under separate concession agreements.

The Project consists of the following main elements:

  • Modernization, construction and expansion of 184km of road highway.
  • Construction of a 345m cable-stayed bridge over the border at the Luapula river.
  • Construction of a one-stop border posts with accompanying warehousing and parking facilities.
  • Delivery of a tolling system and the associated infrastructure and
  • Social infrastructure for community development.

About the Project Sponsor, The Duna Group:

The Duna Group is a Hungarian conglomerate that owns several infrastructure development and construction companies. Duna Aszfalt Zrt., is the largest construction division in the Duna Group and is responsible for the execution of some of Hungary’s most innovative infrastructure developments.

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