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GED Africa, the DRC Ministry of Infrastructure, and the Agence Congolaise des Grands Travaux (ACGT) finalise the 25-year Concession Agreement (CA) outlining the infrastructure development requirements of the DRC segment of the
GED Africa Route.

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, April 11, 2022- The signing of this CA marks a critical project milestone, and opens the way for construction of a new road between Kasomeno, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Mwenda, Zambia. Key features of this multilateral infrastructure project will include a modern 345-meter cable-stayed bridge across the Luapula River, and a onestop border post (OSBP) in each country.

The GED Africa Route will have a lasting, positive impact on the local economy via long-term employment opportunities. Benefits for people living along the GED Africa Route will include improved access to healthcare and education, as well as the facilitation of local trade.

The agreement includes a commitment to 30% of the contracting work to be awarded to local companies. The complex information technology systems required to enable the OSBP approach offers additional capacity-building and employment opportunities.

“This contract meets the principal needs of the large-scale economic operators (the miners), the subcontractors, and finally the local communities which will be positively impacted through the jobs that will be generated,” commented His Excellency, Minister of Infrastructure, DRC, Mr. Gizaro Muvuni Alexis The creation of trading links to Zambia and the international port of Dar es Salaam will support sectoral development in mining and agriculture, and position Kasenga as the DRC’s next major commercial centre.

“Today we signed the CA between GED Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo; a month from now, we will sign a parallel agreement with the Republic of Zambia. Together, these two concessions will form a transport corridor providing multiple economic benefits for people across the region, and beyond,” added Klaus Findt, GED Africa, CEO.

The collaboration between all parties in this public-private partnership is a case study that speaks to the opportunities that can be created when you apply a sustainable business model to the needs of the local communities and their economies. Significant progress has already been made with early works on the GED Africa Route, and the signing of these CAs means that the road ahead is now clear.