You are currently viewing A NOTE FROM GED AFRICA: NAVIGATING 2024


As we step into 2024, GED Africa has a renewed focus on the foundations that drive our project – our people, our host communities, positive social impact, and economic growth across the region. 

We are grateful for the continued support from both the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Zambia Administrations and our local partners, Agence Congolaise des Grands Travaux and the Road Development Agency. The bilateral cooperation is paramount to the undeniable momentum gained over the past year and we will continue to strengthen this public-private partnership (PPP) model into the project’s major construction phase, April 2024.

Practically, our objectives for the coming year remain aligned with GED Africa’s core principles namely, trade facilitation, positive socio-economic impact and sustainable economic growth. This project stretches beyond infrastructure, we are building pathways to prosperity.

The Project is the largest private infrastructure investment from Europe into this region of Africa, and stands as a pillar of Hungarian pride for the project sponsor, Duna Aszfalt.

Together, let’s make 2024 a year where our efforts transcend mere construction; they become the building blocks for thriving communities and African prosperity.